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Do you ever sit to think about the role of the Consumer Report magazine? Our research has shown us that the demand for this paper has been the human need to find reviews, comments and recommendations whenever they want to buy a service or product. But this isn’t an archaic practice that was only there in the olden days.

In today’s e-commerce sector, consumers till rely on consumer feedback from fellow customers when they’re making buying decisions. For this reason, even established e-commerce companies have dedicated a section in their API’s to cater for this requirement.

One section of e-commerce that conspicuously misses out on the need for customer reviews is the essay writing industry. Most essay writing companies only have a testimonial which isn’t hard to is a leading champion in the need for essay service consumers to find proper sellers.

Students as consumers

Students form a very critical part of the consumer base on the Internet. They spend a lot of money on essay writing companies and by this virtue alone, need the help of reviews to make up their minds about various services that are available to them in the open market. looks at students as consumers who deserve to get highly trained professionals to serve them.

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Why we review essay writing companies

Essay writing companies provide a very important service to students. However, the low barriers of entry and lack of oversight over what goes on in the industry has created open paths for the proliferation of rogue paper writing companies. These companies have no capacity to do anything meaningful for the consumers. A website like this exists to help consumers discover what the most reputable essay writing service providers. We also exist to caution consumers about service providers about whom we have received the highest amount of negative feedback.

How it works constantly asks consumers for details about various essay writing companies. We ask them to rate services they have used while leaving a comment our users can understand. Ultimately, we convert the ratings they give to come up with the list of top essay writing services out there.

In addition to this, also checks out some of the services that are offered by essay services. We deduce a company’s customer support channels, price range, and payment options available with every service provider. We share all this information to boost the experience of the consumers.